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so basically all you need to know about blooddrive is that kuon has hired men in helicopters to give food to kids


The animation team behind Dangan Ronpa The Animation also worked on the special fully animated event scenes. In these 4 shots, you get a look at how she looks before Komaru begins running around everywhere in the game. However, there’s of course no trace of her family, only solid looking prison bars. Maybe she’s been imprisoned somewhere after the events of the first game?

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parallel between Kamiya characters and their kicks
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Cute Hedgehog Tries to Make Friends With Pine Cones (VIDEO)

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why they start with not manga!????
and what girls from ga rei zero do there???
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Tokyo Ghoul - Rize Kamishiro [The Binge Eater]


Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 preview

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Pretty great five page Famitsu piece on the new DanganRonpa game, Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo for the Vita.

Just some quick translations of the juicy bits.

Komaru Naegi uses a “hacking gun” to do battle with the Monokuma’s running around, so she controls like an ordinary 3rd person shooter character. Eight different types of bullets, each with their own effects on enemies and the environment. 

Touko Fukawa/Xenocider is accessible as a playable character when Komaru fulfills certain requirements. She fights using scissors and is invincible for the duration that she’s in play. This of course means she’s more like an assist character, but Famitsu recommends using her when Komaru’s in a pinch. 

The five kids call themselves the “Warriors of Hope.” They’re the leaders of Monokuma’s Kids, and each one associates themselves with an RPG job. They want to make a peaceful world in which only kids can live, so they go about slaughtering adults.

From left to right: 

Masaru Daimon: The hero. Good at sports. Super bright and positive. Not even gonna try to translate the weird DanganRonpa nicknames.

Kotoko Utsugi: The warrior of the group. Loves cute things.

Tarou Kemurija: Self proclaimed Monk of the group. Loves being hated by others.

Nagisa Shingetsu: The Sage/Philosopher of the group. 2nd in command. Very adult manner of speaking, is said to have a bright future.

Monaka: The moodmaker of the group, she’s a mage. Loves exchanging opinions with her classmates during homeroom.

Excuse any spelling/naming convention issues. I have yet to play DanganRonpa’s official English release so I dunno how certain things were translated.

Feeling the hype though!