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i have no idea of background! :D


so basically all you need to know about blooddrive is that kuon has hired men in helicopters to give food to kids


The animation team behind Dangan Ronpa The Animation also worked on the special fully animated event scenes. In these 4 shots, you get a look at how she looks before Komaru begins running around everywhere in the game. However, there’s of course no trace of her family, only solid looking prison bars. Maybe she’s been imprisoned somewhere after the events of the first game?

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parallel between Kamiya characters and their kicks
I see no difference haha 


Cute Hedgehog Tries to Make Friends With Pine Cones (VIDEO)

Can some1 tell me 
why they start with not manga!????
and what girls from ga rei zero do there???
i need spoilers TT_TT


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Tokyo Ghoul - Rize Kamishiro [The Binge Eater]


Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 preview

Mary and Shion :3